They identified that later-born children were less likely to have mental health problems than children with no older siblings. Our study focused on the definite birth order position, whereas the UK study assessed the number of siblings, regardless of the order. There are several possible explanations for the association.

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  • In Japan, school transitions generally occur between the ages of 12 and 15 years.
  • There are several possible explanations for the association.
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We are particularly grateful to the staff members and central office of Adachi City Hall for conducting the survey. We would like to thank everyone who participated in the surveys. In particular, we would also like to thank Mayor Yayoi Kondo, Mr. Syuichiro Akiu, and Ms. Yuko Baba of Adachi City Hall, all of whom contributed significantly to completion of this study. The original contributions presented in the study are included in the article/supplementary material, further inquiries can be directed to the corresponding author/s. The study, published in the Current Biology journal, found that babies who were laid down too soon after falling asleep in their mother’s arms were more likely to wake up and start crying again.

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In addition, supporting parental rearing practice may also help minimize the adverse effects of birth order on mental health among children. Further, based on birth-order, intervention focusing on both parent-child and sibling relationships may be beneficial to improving mental health among children. Middle-borns showed significant results of a decreased risk of total difficulties, emotional symptoms, and peer relationship problems and an increased risk of unhappiness in both models. Further, last-borns showed a significant decrease in the risk of total difficulties in both models. No statistical significance in hyperactivity/inattention, prosocial behavior, and resilience among last-borns was found in the logistic regression model.

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First, this study did not evaluate the quality of sibling relationships. Poor sibling relationships are found to affect children’s mental health negatively . Sibling relationships may vary depending on the compositions . Sibling compositions might change the magnitude of the effects of birth order on mental health.

First, interactions with older siblings provide contexts to develop social and emotional competencies, which are known as protective factors for mental health and peer relationship problems (62–64). In daily life, children with siblings usually spend more time with siblings than parents . Interactions with siblings promote understanding of others’ emotions, thoughts, and intentions , which foster their development of social competence . Besides, plays and conflicts with siblings develop emotional regulation and problem-solving skills . Interactions through teaching, sharing, and cooperation facilitate prosocial behavior (72–74). Given the interactive opportunities, last-borns may have more chances to develop social and emotional competencies from early childhood than other siblings and only one child.

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Japanese sociocultural characteristics, that is amae and i.e., system, might account for the inconsistent findings between Japan and other countries. Further longitudinal studies are needed to reveal the mechanism of the inconsistency, comparing with other countries. In conclusion, our study found that birth order had differential associations with mental health in both positive and negative aspects among Japanese children aged 9–10. These findings may be helpful to prevent mental health problems depending on birth order in adolescence. Future longitudinal studies are needed to elucidate the mechanisms of the effects of birth order on mental health and the trajectories across the life stages.

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There is an increasing number of mental health problems among adolescents, with 10–20% of them estimated to suffer from these problems in the world . In addition, half of the cases of lifetime mental health problems begin by the age of 14 . Japan is not exception; for example, the number of suicide among children and adolescents has gradually increased over a decade , ranked second in Asia, followed by Korea . To reveal this situation, it is crucial to understand risk and protective factors for prevention of mental illness in adolescence and adulthood. The Children’s Resilient Coping Scale was used to assess child resilience . The caregivers rated their child resilience from zero to four .

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It may affect mental health more negatively among older siblings. On the contrary, last-borns may be less likely to be affected, which may lead to a decreased risk of their mental health problems. However, the association between these unique characteristics and mental health problems among Japanese children is still unclear. Hence, further research is needed to confirm the association. Moreover, we found that middle-borns showed the lowest level of happiness, compared to only children. Prior research demonstrated that parents rated that last-borns and only children aged 3–9 years were happier than first-borns and middle-borns in the US .

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Our study is the first to report that middle-born children rated themselves as the most unhappy. Kidwell suggested that the middle-borns have a lack of uniqueness in the family and no inherent reasons to receive parental attention and recognition, compared to first-and last-borns . However, the effects of unhappiness on later life among middle-borns remained unclear; further spacehoge longitudinal research is needed to examine the trajectories. Over the years, family structures have changed in developed countries, including Japan. Thus, data reflecting current family contexts is needed to assess the association between birth order and mental health among children. However, few empirical studies have investigated the association in recent years.